Today the Government of Canada announced a policy that, when put into legislation, will provide farmers and shippers with a more accountable and reliable grains transportation system. This is good news for everyone involved – including our customers.

I was meeting with some friends a few days ago when one of them commented that snacks had been banned from their kid’s soccer games. My friend’s son is six years old. The team was forced to ban snacks because some overzealous parents had taken to social media to shame other families because their snacks did not measure up to their idea of social acceptability. It is a disgrace that we are inflicting this behavior on anyone, let alone children.

I was recently being interviewed by a reporter from Toronto when she made a startling statement about crop inputs “even one molecule of these chemicals can be dangerous”. That statement is, of course, completely false. This is a common point of view that threatens the social license of modern agriculture. All of us involved in agriculture must work together to counter this misperception.

Canadian cereal crops have just been planted. It is too early to give an estimate of the final harvest but farmers’ planting intentions have been estimated by Statistics Canada.

Canadian cereals and oilseeds sectors working closely together to keep markets open for Canadian farmers

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