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Cereals Canada is a national, not-for-profit, industry association representing the Canadian cereal grains value chain.

We value relationships and work with government and stakeholders to provide timely, expert technical information and deliver best-in-class customer experience.

We are dedicated to supporting the Canadian cereals value chain including farmers, exporters, developers, processors and our customers around the world with a focus on trade, science and sustainability. 

Our Vision We are the number one promoters of Canadian cereals – a united voice that cultivates relationships across the value chain to nourish the growth and development of markets. 

Our Mission Our organization is dedicated to support the Canadian cereals value chain (farmers, exporters, developers and processors) and our customers around the world. We are committed to providing timely, expert technical information, delivered with a best-in-class customer experience. 

Our Values Our collective organizational effort is our most powerful asset. By working together, we achieve better results for the Canadian cereals value chain. We commit to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion for a progressive cereals value chain that drives better insights, better decisions, and better governance. 

2021 Annual Report

Previous Annual Reports

About Canadian Cereals: Canadian Cereals is a collective of experts from the wheat value chain that is committed to sustainable supply, consistent quality of wheat every year. Along with the Canadian Grain Commission, Cereals Canada connects with global customers about Canada’s yearly wheat crop. Through our website and webinars, we provide market information, crop quality data, and technical analysis of quality and functionality. We help our customers learn how to optimize the value and performance of Canada’s new wheat crop.

About Habitat Friendly Winter Wheat Eco Label:  The Canadian grains sector established an eco-labelling program for products made with Canada Western Red Winter (CWRW) wheat. This initiative is a partnership led by Cereals Canada with support from Ducks Unlimited Canada, Prairie winter wheat groups, and end users including millers and food processors. The initiative is supported by extensive research demonstrating that winter wheat provides additional nesting habitat for wildlife—especially waterfowl and songbirds—on the Canadian Prairies. With more customers looking for sustainability outcomes, this program will enable value chain stakeholders to capitalize on eco-marketing opportunities while supporting sustainable benefits for communities and the environment.


About Canadian Wheat Nutrition Initiative: About Canadian Wheat Nutrition Initiative: Along with our partners, Cereals Canada has established a value chain led, science-based promotion and education campaign highlighting the benefits of wheat consumption and the progress of modern agriculture. The primary focus of the initiative is to promote wheat’s nutrition profile along with the health benefits it can provide in an accessible format for consumers in Canada and beyond.


About National Wheat Research: Across the country, agriculture continues to make advancements in farming practices and crop production. Led by Cereals Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the National Wheat Research Priorities have been developed. Through a unique national collaboration of farmers, federal and provincial governments, public research institutions, and exporters and processors, this partnership between public and private sectors is committed to delivering innovation in the wheat sector.

  • Board Members

    Cereals Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization that brings a broad and diverse collaboration of partners from all sectors of the cereals value chain. Our members consist of farmers, exporters, developers and processors.

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    Cereals Canada’s diverse team provides superior technical support, advocacy work, as well as customer and member programming. We deliver market access, we uphold public trust and champion sustainability, all while delivering excellence in customer service.

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    Are you looking to be a valued member of a dynamic team? Cereals Canada delivers exceptional customer service, technical support, and up-to-date news and analysis for the wheat, barley and oats value chain and we’re looking for new team members.  Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cereals Canada strives to recruit employees with diverse skills who thrive […]

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