To best take advantage of new market opportunities, the Canadian cereals industries must come together with common goals and objectives. Both governments and our customers should see a coordinated industry that delivers consistent messages across links in the value chain and from all industry representatives.

Cereals Canada will facilitate as much as possible, common messages and objectives for the Canadian cereals sector. This applies to both the public and governments within Canada as well as to our customers outside of the country. This is the most effective way to collectively increase the value of cereals to everyone in the value chain.

Leadership in advocacy and awareness can take three basic forms:

  • Cereals Canada will play a lead role. Cereals Canada will play the lead role in driving the agenda, building consensus within the industry and being the lead voice on the issue with governments, the public and other industry players (e.g., other industry associations).
  • Cereals Canada will play a facilitative role. Facilitative role means that Cereals Canada will not necessarily drive the agenda, but will facilitate the development of an industry wide policy solution and will facilitate the development of an industry wide communications and government relations plan.
  • Cereals Canada will play a supportive role. Cereals Canada will support the communications and government relations plan developed by other organizations.

The goals for the advocacy and awareness pillar will be accomplished through six key strategic initiatives.

Strategic Initiatives: Advocacy & Awareness

Develop and implement positive communications strategies that include:

  • general overall messaging
  • issues, and technical, specific information as required
  • promotion of the Canadian cereals producer and production

Provide centralized access to information – consolidate available information where needed to make it most accessible; proactively disseminate to the value chain

Develop and implement a government relations strategy on issues that include:

  • public trust and sustainability
  • phytosanitary
  • transportation
  • federal / provincial / territorial agreement on agriculture
  • international trade
  • support science-based decision-making

Identify cross-over advocacy and awareness needs with other associations (international and domestic), i.e. commodity, CropLife, milling, food, other.

Promote science-based positions, co-ordinate with others like Healthy Grains Institute

Encourage domestic and international customers to utilize existing relationships and technical support in Canada

Build Cereals Canada Brand and Awareness:

  • within Canadian industry
  • with customers
  • with governments

Cereals Canada will advocate for all its members to help provide a profitable business environment for its members.

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Cereals Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization that brings a broad and diverse collaboration of partners from all sectors of the cereals value chain.