The value of engaging the entire wheat chain

When the Canadian Wheat Research Priorities task group convened in 2019 to begin the consultative process that would create the 2020-2022 priorities, they purposely invited representatives along the entire wheat value chain from across Canada. 

Innovation is a competitive advantage for Canadian farmers.  It is through ongoing innovation that Canadian wheat exports will compete with the likes of the Black Sea.  In the period of 2015-2018, Canada has consistently been in the top 10 wheat producing countries in the world and within the top 5 wheat exporting countries in the world.  Focusing on innovations by increasing wheat yield while maintaining or exceeding our country’s reliability in yield, sustainability, food safety and quality will help to maintain, or ideally advance, Canada’s position in a competitive global wheat market.

There have been some unexpected impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of these is the new celebrity status of our Chief Medical Health Officers.  A lot of people who just a few short months ago never even knew every province had a Chief Medical Health Officer are now hanging on to every word.  Does this mean science and respected authority based on knowledge education and experience is coming back in style?  I hope this is the case but there are worrying signs society’s newfound trust in science may not outlast COVID-19.

Cereals Canada

Customers around the world have begun asking Canada for assurances that our supply chain will remain whole during the COVID-19 pandemic and that Canada will be an ongoing reliable supplier of grain.  These are valid questions that are shared by Canadian consumers.  The lack of flour in most grocery stores is an indication that some believe there might be a break down in supply in the days or weeks to come.

by: Cam Dahl and Dean Dias

The Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) and Cereals Canada are moving forward towards an amalgamated organization.  This is a positive development.  If one were to start with a blank page in designing how the cereal grains sector were to be represented, we would not have started with two separate organizations.  But that is not how the sector has developed.  Moving operations into a single organization under the direction of a single Board of Directors is part of the ongoing evolution of the industry.

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Cereals Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization that brings a broad and diverse collaboration of partners from all sectors of the cereals value chain.