I became part of the agriculture industry four years ago.  Shortly after, I wrote, “Agriculture: My Journey so far”.  It was a reflection on my first six months working in this amazing sector.  Despite being new to agriculture I knew I had found where I belonged!  

Have you ever heard of new crop missions?

Probably not. Most farmers I’ve talked to over the past couple of months have never heard of them. But they are a critical component of our sales process to our overseas buyers, and this year, I have the privilege of being the farmer on the durum trip.

Cereals Canada

The federal election is over, and Canada has a new Government.  It will look a lot like the last government, but there are some significant differences for agriculture.  Whether you were cheering for the red team, the blue, orange or even the green, it is now incumbent upon all parts of agriculture to come together and work with the government given to us by the people.

We love technology.  Apple brings out a new cell phone and there are line-ups around the block. We are talking to our own houses these days as our homes become “smart”.  And our houses are talking back (I think the Irish Rovers had a song about that).  Yet, when it comes to technology and agriculture, the same people that stand in line for the latest phone seem to want to go back to the technology of 1950.

Cereals Canada

There is a federal election coming this October.  Members of Parliament and candidates are canvassing their constituents at barbeques, golf tournaments and eventually all-candidate debates.  Now is the time for farmers to push for policies that will allow agriculture to deliver economic growth.

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