Cereals Canada will be the forum for the advancement of cereals through the development and adoption of innovation.

The Canadian sector has the opportunity to make Canada a top choice for investments in innovation by helping to create a policy environment that ensures a return on investment for all participants in the value chain. Growth in investment in research and development goes hand- in-hand with the development of the Canadian cereals brand in response to quality traits demanded by our customers. Taking advantage of these opportunities will increase the value of Canadian cereals production for farmers, grain marketers and crop development companies while delivering strong value to our customers.

The policy environment could involve the development and adoption of innovation in four areas:

  • Genetic improvement / breeding
  • Sustainable production / agronomy
  • Processing and utilization, and
  • Human and environmental health outcomes

and focus on:

  • Avoiding duplication
  • Attaining cost efficiencies
  • Accessing and coordinating available funding, and
  • Collaborating with prospective partners

It is important to recognize the value of research from investment by producers, industry, development companies and the public sector. All have a role to play. Cereals Canada can add value and improve the effectiveness of these investments by helping with the development of research goals and objectives that are recognized by all funders.

National goals are critically important and will help ensure the effectiveness of Canadian research investments. When developing national objectives, it is important to recognize regional differences. Because of its broad membership base, Cereals Canada is ideally situated to facilitate accomplishing both the national and regional objectives.

The goals for the innovation pillar will be accomplished through six key strategic initiatives.

Strategic Initiatives: Innovation
Create bridges between market and product development through the use of effective communications, and forums for information and knowledge sharing
Facilitate public and private investment in innovation
Facilitate ongoing development and refinement of national research priorities
Develop and maintain a research database to create awareness and understanding of capabilities, capacity and availability
Understand and communicate traits needed for competiveness (demands from both customers and producers)
Identify and create position statements on technology and innovation adoption in cereals:
  • coordination of messages to promote awareness and synergies
  • development of question and answer papers / talking points as issues emerge in order to promote common messages across the value chain, governments and our embassies and high commissions

Cereals Canada's goal is to foster an environment that supports innovation in cereals that will encourage investment within Canada and within this sector, avoid duplication, and promote synergies, partnerships and collaboration.

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Cereals Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization that brings a broad and diverse collaboration of partners from all sectors of the cereals value chain.