Cereals Canada will lead the planning for the maintenance and development for marketing of Canadian Cereals in the North American market as well as our markets off-shore.

Our goal is to increase the volume and value of cereals through:

  • Product differentiation domestically (Canada/US) and internationally
  • Retention of existing markets, customers, and
  • Anticipation of market trends and market dynamics

Canada already has a strong reputation for high-value products in the international marketplace. Research shows that the top key elements of the Canadian wheat brand are:

  • Quality
  • Consistency, and
  • Cleanliness

The structure of the Canadian grains and oilseed industry in Canada presents the Cereals sector with unique opportunities in world markets. A competitive advantage for the Canadian industry is our ability to differentiate and segregate products and deliver the high valued quality traits desired by our customers. This allows the Canadian suppliers to build a strong value proposition for high value customers.

The current evolution of the cereals sector presents an opportunity to build on the Canadian brand in both international and domestic markets.

There are three broad strategic initiatives that will be the focus for Cereals Canada in market planning.

Strategic Initiatives: Market Planning, Maintenance and Development

Develop a profile of marketing trends including:

  • quantification/analysis of domestic and international market demand and trends
  • aggregation of our members’ knowledge

Promote the importance of market knowledge for decision-making throughout value chain and facilitate the value chain’s access to this information

Develop marketing plans that will include:

  • strategic identification of target markets
  • identification of customer needs
  • support of the growth of linkages between markets and product development
  • ensuring that product attributes/functionality are known/understood by all links of the value chain and by our partners in the public sector (e.g., government and university researchers)
  • assessment of the profitability of new market opportunities including competitive analyses and markets’ ability to pay
  • building on Canadian competitive advantages: reliability, consistency, quality, gluten
  • identification and communication, to the value chain, of the traits and qualities for which customers are willing to pay
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Cereals Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization that brings a broad and diverse collaboration of partners from all sectors of the cereals value chain.