This month will mark an exciting phase of the CPSR Market Development in Colombia project when a pilot program focusing on in-market technical baking training kicks off in Bogotá, Colombia. The training sessions will consist of a series of one- and two-day workshops with six of Colombia’s biggest customers for Canadian wheat and will be delivered by a team from Cigi, led by technical specialist Yulia Borsuk. 

The in-market training program was strategically developed by Cereals Canada and Cigi, working with both the Canadian and Colombian industries. It is an incredible opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the Canadian cereals industry and to promote the unique attributes of CPSR (Canadian Prairie Spring Red), relative to competitor wheat. This is the result of focused efforts on strategic market development for CPSR by the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC), Cereals Canada and Cigi. 

The objective of this workshop series is to provide direct market support for millers and bakers to ensure they have full confidence in using CPSR, ideally promoting understanding of the value of Canadian wheat. Top bakers, who together represent over 50% of Colombia’s wheat imports, will attend the workshops to learn how to best work with CPSR to optimize baking performance and, ultimately, the quality of the finished product. 

This pilot program was created based on recommendations stemming from ongoing engagement between Canadian and Colombian partners. The structure and evaluation of this strategic market development initiative was made possible by market research conducted by Cereals Canada, Cigi and the AWC in 2018, and detailed input from stakeholders gained through project development meetings alongside the 2018 New Crop Mission. This workshop series is the first of many exciting developments to come and will serve as a template for future projects with key customers of Canadian wheat. 

CPSR wheat has inherent baking characteristics that compete in some of the largest global markets for medium protein milling wheat. By working together on this project, Cereals Canada, Cigi and AWC, along with support from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, are providing value to Canadian farmers by promoting, developing and maintaining vital markets for this uniquely Canadian product on the world stage. 

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