Keep it Clean has updated its 2021 Product Advisory to inform Canadian barley growers of market risks associated with using

chlormequat (e.g. Manipulator) on barley for malt, food and feed. Growers are encouraged to confirm contract obligations and acceptance with your grain buyer before using chlormequat on barley.

There are no market restrictions for using chlormequat (Manipulator) on oats or wheat. 

Potential Impact of the Effects of Climate Change on the Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry Sectors and the Actions Undertaken to Increase Adaptation and Emissions Reduction Strategies

Today the Government of Canada announced a policy that, when put into legislation, will provide farmers and shippers with a more accountable and reliable grains transportation system. This is good news for everyone involved – including our customers.

Canadian cereals and oilseeds sectors working closely together to keep markets open for Canadian farmers

WINNIPEG, Wednesday, March 30, 2016 – Cereals Canada is pleased to welcome Warburtons as a new member.

Cam Dahl, President of Cereals Canada stated, “it is critical that Cereals Canada have a strong link to the needs of end-use customers. Warburtons is a significant and long-standing customer of Canadian farmers and we welcome the opportunity to expand that relationship going forward. The addition of Warburtons will add significantly to linking Canadian agriculture to consumers around the world.

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