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2021 Cereals Canada New Crop Mission Update

Along with our value chain partners, Cereals Canada supports international customers of Canadian wheat through New Crop Mission sessions. These sessions provide technical information to help buyers understand the quality differences of each new crop year.

Wheat quality is impacted by the variability in the growing season each year. New crop data is analyzed every fall through the Cereals Canada harvest assessment program. Cereals Canada works with nine exporters to procure samples from across Western Canada, and results from the assessment provide the foundational information for the New Crop Summary.

Info graphic of 2021 Harvest Sample

“Customers need and want to know how quality has changed year-over-year so that they can manage their product quality and customer expectations,” says Dean Dias, chief executive officer at Cereals Canada.

For the second year, the New Crop Mission sessions were delivered virtually due to COVID-19. The shift to presenting webinars allowed Cereals Canada to reach 34 countries in four targeted regional sessions.

A summary of what was shared from the 2021 crop year:

High Protein was the story for the 2021 New Crop

2021 CWRS & CPSR quality overview: 

  • Protein content was high in both wheat classes.
  • High protein content is desirable but it resulted in a dough that had stronger properties than the 2020 crop year and resulted in longer mixing times. 
  • In CWRS, test weight was not as high as it was in 2020. Test weight provides millers with an estimation milling performance and the potential for flour extraction.  
  • Water absorption for CWRS was typical but at the lower end of the expected range and was lower than it was in 2020. Water absorption is a critical quality parameter for bakers. Bakers like to see high water absorption.  

2021 Durum wheat quality overview: 

  • Protein content was also high in durum wheat.  
  • High protein content is desirable as it results in firmer pasta but can also result in longer cooking times, meaning that labeling instructions on packaged pasta may need to be adjusted.  

New Crop information is supplied under the brand of Canadian Cereals, a collective of experts who are committed to the sustainable and consistent supply of quality wheat every year.

Learn more about how Cereals Canada and the value chain engage with international customers through the website. The 2021 and 2020 crop year presentations and information are available.