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Canadian Wheat Milling handbook 2nd edition now available in Bangla

Winnipeg, Manitoba, March 15, 2022: Canadian wheat is known for its quality and consistency. For many countries, including Bangladesh, Canadian wheat is sought after to be included in wheat-based end products. Since 2009, Cereals Canada has provided in-country, annual technical support programming to the Bangladesh milling market along with training at the Cereals Canada headquarters in Winnipeg.  

The release of the latest Canadian Wheat Milling handbook helps millers understand how Canadian wheat and flour are used to make high-quality food products. The first handbook was published in 2014 and was a first of its kind. Prior to the first book, this information on wheat and flour quality testing was not available in Bangla.  

“The latest edition available in Bangla and English provides additional information to complement the in-person training and webinars. It’s a valuable resource to support this important, long-standing market when it comes to milling Canadian wheat,” says Elaine Sopiwnyk, vice president of technical services at Cereals Canada.  

Through the High Commission office in Bangladesh, the wheat milling guidebook is available to Canadian wheat customers. “Canada is one of the top exporters of high-quality wheat to Bangladesh. We are proud to be contributing to Bangladesh’s food security efforts as Canadian wheat is the best quality in the world,” says Dr. Lilly Nicholls, High Commissioner of Canada in Bangladesh.  

Bangladesh has been a key export market for Canadian wheat and has averaged over one million tonnes of Canadian wheat imports per year over the past five years.  For common wheat, Bangladesh is Canada’s seventh-largest export market.  

Wheat consumption in Bangladesh has increased partly due to rising GDP per capita. “High-quality Canadian wheat remains an important ingredient in Bangladesh wheat-based foods. Bangladesh is an important market for Canada’s wheat sector and demand in growth could continue through the next decade,” says Dean Dias, chief executive officer with Cereals Canada.   

Bangladesh accounts for about 6% of Canadian wheat exports, excluding durum in 2020-21 and remains a stable market.  


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