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Cereals Canada supports the 2022 Seed Summit

Cereals Canada along with Seeds Canada, Canola Council of Canada, Canadian Canola Growers Association, Canadian Horticultural Council, Western Canadian Wheat Growers, Soy Canada, Grains Farmers of Ontario, and the Ontario Agri-Business Association, encourages all members of the value chain to attend the upcoming virtual Seed Summit, and join the discussion on the future of seed in Canada.

“It all starts with the seed,” says chief executive officer Dean Dias with Cereals Canada. “Innovation in plant breeding and varietal development allows our Canadian farmers access to high-quality seeds. This also impacts our domestic and international customers who are looking to Canada to be a consistent supplier of high-quality cereals grains.” 

As a national industry association, the attendance of Cereals Canada will play a critical role by providing a unified voice on behalf of members and raising the profile of key issues. “We want to encourage growth in this sector,” says Dias. “Our members want to see the next evolution of the act.” The Seeds Act and The Seeds Regulations in Canada were originally established in 1905, and the last major revision was completed in 1996.  

Canada’s cereals sector is set to be a key player in future growth, as it leads the country’s agriculture exports with annual exports to over 70 countries, with an estimated value of $8.5 billion CAD. The global scale of these exports demonstrates the high desirability of Canadian cereals to its customers while providing valuable market diversification.   

Registration is free and is now open at  There are three virtual sessions to attend on Feb. 7, 14, and 23, 2022. Seeds Canada is welcoming all stakeholders and users of seed to attend, and Cereals Canada will be in attendance in support of the value chain.